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Stand No. H2 C23

Settl offers premium co-living spaces with top-notch amenities and a seamless digital experience tailored for urban professionals. Our aesthetically designed homes in vibrant neighborhoods come with tech-enabled property management and convenient community platforms. Our tenant app ensures easy rental payments and issue resolution. Join our inclusive community for engaging events like movie nights, barbeque gatherings, and yoga sessions, enhancing your co-living experience.

“Welcome to Settl, where hassle-free living meets vibrant community living.”

Abhishek Tripathi

CoFounder and CEO

Ex-Stay Abode, Treebo, Runnr

Bharath Bhaskar

CoFounder and COO

Ex-Accenture, Stay Abode, Runnr

Ashok Sagar Reddy

CoFounder and CTO

Ex- Nestaway

Meet our Startup


Social Media

Stand No. H2 C25 & 26

Explurger is the ultimate fusion of social media and limitless exploration, where your digital journey knows no bounds. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Explurger transcends the ordinary, encouraging users to transcend mere check-ins. This innovative social media app not only lets you share captivating photos and videos but also meticulously tallies your journey in miles, cities, countries, and even continents. It’s not just about recording your adventures; Explurger goes further, allowing you to curate your dream destinations, craft detailed travelogues, and share your upcoming travel escapades. With features that include adding places to your bucket list and revealing your future travel plans.

“Explurger redefines the very essence of socializing, beckoning you to embark on a journey beyond the ordinary.

Jitin Bhatia

CoFounder and CEO

Experience in Software Development |  Private Equity Fund (M&A) | Action Group (South Africa) | NITI Aayog Incubation (Medivalley)

Sonu Sood


Bollywood Actor | Philanthropist

Meet our Startup



Stand No. H2 C24

Buyofuel emerges as an indispensable player in the online B2B marketplace, dedicated exclusively to the trade of biofuel-based commodities. This platform seamlessly links raw material aggregators, manufacturers, consumers, and waste generators, establishing a vibrant ecosystem within the biofuel community. Operating as a meticulously curated marketplace, Buyofuel acts as the intermediary bridging the gap between buyers and sellers. It ensures fairness and transparency by setting reasonable sale margins for all transactions, fostering an environment of trust.

“Buyofuel envisions to build a cleaner, sustainable and better future for all.

Kishan Karunakaran

CoFounder and CEO

Experience: 14+ Yrs in Biofuels & waste to fuels sectors

Venkat Selvan

CoFounder and CTO

Experience: 12+ years Cheif Development Officer and CTO

Sumanth Kumar Selvarasu

CoFounder and CPO

Experience: 7+ years in tech startups (Tech Product sales & Marketing)

Prasad P Nair

CoFounder & CMO

Experience: Biofuels sector (Sales & Sourcing) | Tech-integration & Web Development

Meet our Startup


Digital Transformation and Development

Stand No. H2 C21 & 22

Codewave, established in 2013, is a pioneering “Design Thinking Led Digital Transformation” company. The mission is to help businesses craft products and services that resonate, maximizing their value and impact. Codewave’s expertise lies in enhancing human connections, enabling businesses to listen better, sense needs accurately, and engage with people on a deeply human level. Specializing in building highly scalable online platforms, web/mobile applications, and adaptive complex systems, Codewave’s services extend to branding, product designing, development, testing, architecture, and Dev Ops for websites, web applications, and mobile apps and their own cutting-edge AI-powered products.

“Businesses need a design og value and not a design of tech.”

Abhijith HK

CoFounder and CEO

Experience: 13+ Yrs in Develpoment and Digital Transformation

Vidhya Abhijith

CoFounder and Head ((Design)

Experience: 13+ years | PMI Future 50 Honoree | CII -PwC power 100 Woman Innovators

Meet our Startup

Eresha Technologies

VR Based Aviation Training

Stand No. H2 C19

Eresha Technology Innovators is revolutionizing the aviation industry by leveraging the power of virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver advanced training simulations for airline crew members. Their cutting-edge technology and innovative approach are reshaping how aviation professionals are trained, ensuring safer flights, enhanced crew performance, and optimized operations. With a deep understanding of the industry’s pain points and a commitment to excellence, they are paving the way for a new era of aviation training.

Pragati Srivastava

CoFounder and CEO

Experience: 15+ Yrs Cabin Crew Incharge | Flight safety officer | Internal Quality Auditor

Tarun Jawa


Experience: 15+ years in aviation industry

Meet our Startup



Stand No. H2 C20

Founded in 2021, Mumbai-based Dronetech Solutions Pvt Ltd, known as Aerobott, pioneers advanced drone technology and education. They design, prototype, and manufacture bespoke drones, including Agriculture, Survey, and Training Drones. Aerobott also provides DGCA-approved Remote Pilot Training, ensuring pilots receive top-notch education adhering to global standards.
Aerobott’s commitment extends to their AI Drone Excellence Centre, where experts research cutting-edge drone algorithms for autonomous flight, obstacle detection, and innovative solutions across sectors. Their vision? To reshape industries like agriculture, transportation, and disaster management through drone-based advancements.

Arpana Mishra

Founder and Director

Leading Operations, Managing Resources and Team building

Deepak Vaidh



What is GITEX?

GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) debuted its remarkable entry in 1981 as one of the longest-running technology exhibitions globally. At the time, it was called the Gulf Computer Exhibition. They explored the latest software and hardware from 46 global exhibitors – including the Arabic-language software, British Telecom’s Prestel virtual newspaper and the ICL Perq – the first personal workspace with a Graphical User Interface.

Since its opening success 41 years ago, GITEX grew exponentially over the ensuing years, hitting over 125,000 visitors and becoming the world’s third-largest ICT event in 2010. As decades passed, GITEX powered the launch of many ground-breaking innovations. It has been the ultimate pipeline for global tech giants and budding startups to network with potential customers, partners, and investors. What started at 3000 visitors and 46 exhibitors has transformed into 3500+ exhibitors and over 180,000+ visitors today. Such is the power of GITEX, a global tech phenomenon and UAE’s pride.

What is the theme of GITEX 2023?

GITEX is well-known for its underlying theme which is imbued within every element of the exhibition. Their themes reflect the current trends and areas of interest in the tech industry. That being said, for 2023, GITEX has captured the zeitgeist of the era with their pertinent theme – AI in Everything. 

The AI theme will weave seamlessly throughout the show” – GITEX 2023

GITEX aims to showcase the latest advancements in AI, foster discussion on its potential, and highlight its role in shaping the future of technology and society. It will also exhibit discussions on the impact of Generative AI, Machine Learning, NLP, AIG, Neural Networks, Robotics, and more.

What is Expand North Star?

Expand North Star Dubai, previously known as GITEX Future Stars, is an annual technology startup event in Dubai at the Dubai World Trade Center. Strategically a part of GITEX GLOBAL, North Star showcases startups in front of tech industry professionals from more than 100 countries worldwide. Expand North Star aims to create an environment where the best innovators, business leaders and researchers come together to discuss and explore ideas that will impact technological advancements and bring positive change in the world.

What to expect from Expand North Star 2023?

Expand North Star Dubai 2023 is one of the largest startup events in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. It will host founders of over 1000 startups from over 120 countries, and many investors and VCs will attend the event. The event will focus on a wide range of topics, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, renewable energy, biotechnology, space exploration, and much more. This high-octane event will feature Startup pitching competitions, Investor Networking Sessions, Panel Discussions on Key Startup Topics, Workshops and masterclasses and a super spirited and communal Startup exhibition showcasing the most innovative startups.

When and where is the Expand North Star 2023?

Hosted by Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, Expand North Star has a brand-new venue, Dubai Harbour (the region’s largest super-yacht hub, creating limitless opportunities for the world’s leading founders, investors & corporate innovators – including those co-creating the sustainable future, setting the stage for COP28.

Mark your calendars from 15th October to 18th October for this supercharging event.

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